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Sunday, April 30, 2006

DOs & DON'Ts

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They DO smile because they have to.

They DON'T want to autograph everything under the sun.

They DO sign because they are told they must.

They DON'T care that they are your favorite player.

They DO see your lips move when you talk.

They DON'T hear a word you say.

They DO think about slashing their wrists.

They DON'T want your t-shirt, CD, or good luck charm.

They DO find themselves amazed at how unsettling you are.

They DON'T want to give you a stick to take to your sick kid.

They DO get annoyed that you sell their things on Ebay.

They DON'T like your cheesecake.

They DO play a game where they evade you after practice.

They DON'T want to be bothered by you.

They DO laugh at you from the ice.

They DON'T think you are "funny ha-ha".

They DO tolerate you because they love their job.

They DON'T like you.


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