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Monday, April 17, 2006

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The UPS mans stopped by again today. When he asked me to sign for a package, I could not wait!! “Give it to me!” I squealed! Imagine my disappointment when he handed me an envelope from the Atlanta Spirit. I thought it was going to be a letter from team attorneys. Instead, I received a true collectors item: two full sheets of the soon to be useless Atlanta Thrashers Stanley Cup playoff tickets you see here. It got me thinking just what a travshamocracy it would be for the Thrashers to make the playoffs at the expense of two true hockey markets like Montreal and Tampa.

The first, and most obvious, reason would be that those two cities actually have people that realize hockey is being played at the moment. The Montreal Canadians, the most storied club in the history of the greatest sport since speed skating, has something in addition to all of their Stanley Cups: FANS! Passionate fans. They lead the entire NH of L in them. Averaging 20,555 per game. More than Hockeytown itself, more than center of the hockey universe in Lower Ontario, and even more than my beloved Philadelphia Flyers. Tampa is no slouch either. They're averaging 17,820 per contest.
You may recognize that number as being slightly higher than the true amount that attended the "sellout" at Philips Arena on Saturday for the most important home game in their history.

Then, there are Cups. The Thrashers fans use one to spit their 'baccy juice in to, meanwhile, the Habs and Lightning actually win the granddaddy of all spittoons. In the one hundred-fourteen years that the Stanley Cup has been awarded, these two storied hockey cities have won nearly twenty-five percent of the time.

There is no need to have another expansion team in the finals. Remember how boring the 1997 Finals were, with the two expansion teams of Florida and Colorado? What a snooze fest. That series was so boring, I almost fell asleep writing that last sentence. Do you even REMEMBER the 2003 Finals? New Jersey beat Anaheim that year, and we were forced to watch a boring team in ugly jerseys. Nobody wants that again, except for the two or three thousand fans wandering out to Philips Arena to cheer on the Thrashers. Wander on out tonight since most of your homes do not get PAX, and have your heart broken by Al Ovechkin and friends…

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  • At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You have to be the most whiny faggot ever. Wow, you don't cheer for the Thrashers, you're cool!

    Shut up and die.

  • At 10:47 PM, Blogger J.K. Sockey said…

    Oh lookie, it's a Keyboard Commando! Thanks for not leaving your name, it's twice as insightful as your comment!

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