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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, you're the man!

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Dallas - 5 Atlanta - 3 The losses come in bunches!

I was glad to see Stefan have a great game last night, no comment from coaches, fans, or players on the fact that it was Dallas' 4th line that got about 10 min of playing time and accounted for 4 of their goals? Too busy wondering what is wrong with Kari? I am more concerned with Bob Hartley and the "Mike Keenan School of Thought On Goaltenders".

Also, I found a worse radio personality than myself last night. He was hosting the 680 The Fag Fan post game show. When his trouble with pronouncing s's wasn't annoying me, I was able to notice him referring to the NHL as 'the big leagues'. He actually made me long for more Jeff Odgers.

Speaking of the post game show, for all of the whining about the officiating by "Stully" last night, what people fail to remember or admit to, is that Ilya Kovalchuk is one of the most prolific divers the league has ever seen. The NHL has supposedly put strict violations on diving. The first instance draws a warning, the second a fine, followed by a fine AND a suspension. The NHL is purportedly monitoring diving on a super-secret probation basis. Supposedly, the judgments are all made at their video command centers in Toronto and New York.

Everybody's got a big but and here is Count Bettman's, the league is does not announce these reprimands. So, we have no idea while we are watching a game whether a player has had a warning or a fine. A competitor who is whistled for diving in a game might not receive an official warning, but a player who is not called for a dive in a game might in fact be given a warning. Because not a soul has been suspended yet, I have to speculate how stringent this program is. We see diving and exaggeration every game, and it's rarely called. I think the NHL needs to address this dilemma if it wants to continue to reap the benefits of the crackdown on obstruction.

In the mean time, the fans at Philips Arena can hoot and holler each time a Thrasher takes a Louganus like dive, but even a pair of officials like McGeough and Auger, who don't have a good eye between them, aren't buying what Kovalchuck is selling.


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