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Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Devils Went Down To Georgia

Tonight is a perfect opportunity for the Thrashers to extend their winning streak to 3 games. The New Jersey Devils head to The Phil tonight, having played last night against the Washington Capitals. Future Hall Of Famer, Marty Brodeur had a 34 save night in the Devils 4-1 win, that saw Captain Patrick Elias leave late in the game after taking a slap shot off of his left ankle. JK Sockey has learned that Elias’ foot is broken and he will not play tonight.

Lets see, tired opponent, back up goalie, injured superstar. I would assume the building will be close to full tonight with it being a Saturday night game, friends and family in for the holidays, and all of the transplanted greasers from the northeast looking to show off their leather jackets, gold chains, and rat tails. All the cards are stacked in the Bird’s favor, and it is the typical scenario that leads to an embarrassing Thrasher loss. Seems that every chance this team gets to show off to the home crowd and grab the city’s attention they come up short. Will things change tonight, or will the Thrashers end up with coal in their stockings?

Hey Lou, what’s so bad about MSG2???

According to my insiders, Devils GM Lou Lamoriello hit the ceiling when tonight's game was changed from FSN New York to MSG 2. Lamoriello reportedly gave TV execs a piece of his mind over the late switch.


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