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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mock A Slumping Thrasher & Wake A Sleeping Giant

Happy Boxing Day Eve everybody, I have stopped playing with the Army men I got for Christmas just long enough to issue an official apology to Shane “Silent” Hnidy. Since mocking him in November for going 4 ½ years without netting a goal, Hnidy has broken out of his slump with 3 goals in the last 15 these are Doug Harvey like numbers. In hopes of having a similar effect on others, it’s time to Mock A Slumping Thrasher!

Today’s target is #7 Greg DeVries. At $2 million a year he is the 5th highest paid Thrasher but has scored only one goal on 48 shots this year and has nearly as many defensive mistakes as penalty minutes. In 18 home games this year he has 2 assists and is -10. Devo has not had a point since the first week of December, and is even or minus in 8 of his last nine games. His play as of late has left me wishing Mandy Sutton a speedy recovery.


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