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Monday, November 27, 2006

Sockey On Hockey: Episode 2

It's definitely number two!
The second Sockey On Hockey podcat recaps the Thrashers 5 point week and upcoming games. Also a special guest interview!

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Young Goon, Maybe?

I pulled this classic "Young Guns" rookie card out of the spokes of my Segway Scooter this morning in celebration of the rarest of feats. Wednesday night at the Cap Centre (US Air Arena/MCI Centre/Verizon Center/Poulan Weedeater Bowl), Shane "Silent" Hnidy scored his first goal in over 4 ½ years. Rumor has it that Satan himself has ordered a winter coat.

This would have been front page news if he were still playing in the suburbs of Ottawa, but then again, he wouldn't be on a playoff contender now would he?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Washington Craps Out At Home

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It hasn’t rained in Washington, D.C. in over a week, but the banks of the Potomac River are nearing flood stage. Flooded with the tears of the 11,000 whining fans that watched their beloved Capitals turn a 2-0 lead into a 4-2 loss Wednesday night at whatever they are calling the MCI Arena these days. It’s not surprising that the Thrashers beat them, running their record to 4-0-0 against their SE Division rival this year, but how they beat them. Everyone in the league knows the names Kovalchuck, Kozlov, and Hossa; everyone in the Cap Centre on a historic Wednesday night learned the names of Shane Hnidy and former Portland Pirate (and sometimes Washington Capital) Glen Metropolit.

No, that’s not a typo. When I say it was a historic night in DC, I’m not referring to the 300th goal of Bobby Holik’s career. Capital fans were treated to a Halley’s Comet like occurrence when Thrasher defenseman Shane Hnidy, who can best be described as ‘
number 34‘, got the Thrashers on the board by scoring the 5th goal of his career and his first since the 2001-02 season. Fans aren’t likely to catch a glimpse of Hnidy putting the puck in the net again until 2011. The goal has also caused online sales of Hnidy memorabilia to skyrocket in preparation for the holiday season.

Later in that same period, following Holik’s goal which tied the game at 2-2; Glen Metropolit ripped a slap shot that missed by a mile and went sailing over the head of Crap net minder Olie Kolzig. The puck bounced off of the glass behind the net and Metropolit was able to tap it out of the air and past the shell shocked Heinee. The highlight reel goal brought his goals-per-game average up to a mind-numbing 0.07. It was the 14th of Metro’s career and with that he joins the likes of Jamie Pushor on the NHL’s All-Time Goals list.

Things got a bit ugly in the 3rd period after Ilya Kovalchuck put the game away. Caps coach Glen Hanlon has done a great job maintaining the status quo in Washington since replacing Bruce Cassidy. Wednesday he turned the game into an on ice production of “Slap Shot” according to this
Washington Capitals fan blog, by “sending a cheap-shot artist out there to run players in the dying minutes of a game that has been all but decided“. The fan was talking about Hartley, but if you watch the tape you see that’s exactly what Hanlon did--taking advantage of the home team having the last change, Coach Howdy Doody sent out Donald Brashear and John Erskine to face off against a Thrasher line that included Greg DeVries and Marian Hossa. Caps fans can cry all they want and accuse the Thrashsers of hooliganism, but save some of those tears for when you review the standings, mmmkay?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sockey On Hockey Podcast!

It's the first of many more! Get a preview of the Thrashers/Caps game taking place 22 November 06...

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, you're the man!

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Dallas - 5 Atlanta - 3 The losses come in bunches!

I was glad to see Stefan have a great game last night, no comment from coaches, fans, or players on the fact that it was Dallas' 4th line that got about 10 min of playing time and accounted for 4 of their goals? Too busy wondering what is wrong with Kari? I am more concerned with Bob Hartley and the "Mike Keenan School of Thought On Goaltenders".

Also, I found a worse radio personality than myself last night. He was hosting the 680 The Fag Fan post game show. When his trouble with pronouncing s's wasn't annoying me, I was able to notice him referring to the NHL as 'the big leagues'. He actually made me long for more Jeff Odgers.

Speaking of the post game show, for all of the whining about the officiating by "Stully" last night, what people fail to remember or admit to, is that Ilya Kovalchuk is one of the most prolific divers the league has ever seen. The NHL has supposedly put strict violations on diving. The first instance draws a warning, the second a fine, followed by a fine AND a suspension. The NHL is purportedly monitoring diving on a super-secret probation basis. Supposedly, the judgments are all made at their video command centers in Toronto and New York.

Everybody's got a big but and here is Count Bettman's, the league is does not announce these reprimands. So, we have no idea while we are watching a game whether a player has had a warning or a fine. A competitor who is whistled for diving in a game might not receive an official warning, but a player who is not called for a dive in a game might in fact be given a warning. Because not a soul has been suspended yet, I have to speculate how stringent this program is. We see diving and exaggeration every game, and it's rarely called. I think the NHL needs to address this dilemma if it wants to continue to reap the benefits of the crackdown on obstruction.

In the mean time, the fans at Philips Arena can hoot and holler each time a Thrasher takes a Louganus like dive, but even a pair of officials like McGeough and Auger, who don't have a good eye between them, aren't buying what Kovalchuck is selling.