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Friday, January 12, 2007

My Blogger Night Request

Dear Web Guy,

This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to hang outwith some really cool people and also Thrasher Bloggers. I just have a few reservations. I do not have a laptop, can I bring my desktop? Will there be somebody there to help carry it up to the press box? Actually, if not, that would be fine as well. I am afraid of heights anyway and thought maybe I could sit in section 103. There is a guy that sits on the glassat the blue line… he’s got the moon for a head. I’d like to see if it has it’s own gravitational field.

Also, I was hoping to have an opportunity to maybe spend an hour or two in the Thrashers dressing room conducting a séance. After recently meeting with his parents in Dallas, I am quite confident that my associate Harry Pohl and myself will be able to contact Dan Snider. Being an epic event, we would like to record it for posterity and possibly use the audio in a future pod cast, so I'd need to bring some audio equipment as well. We should be done in time to see the end of the game and update my blog… again, if somebody will hook up my computer for me. I do not have arms.

I was also hoping to have access to the Islanders locker room, for no other reason than to have the opportunity to see Al Yashin shower following the game. If John Kincade already has dibs on this, I understand.



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