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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Thrashers falling down all over the place. Sim goes down and almost gives up a chance; Mel goes down, defensemen falling. The Booger Blogger is going to talk about the Thrashers’ never give up attitude, and blame the ice, but why aren’t the Rangers falling down? Want a bit of fun, as this game gets out of hand, go visit the official website and watch his optimism disappear as the night goes on.

So, we go into the first intermission tied at one. Lundquist settled down late in the period and our defense picked up their shakiness and I am seeing visions of their pathetic game three effort rearing it’s ugly head. Speaking of rearing and head, how about that pompous ass Derick Eliot? I have listened to his TV commentary and his insight on the post game show -- following Thrasher home games on AM680 The Fan—all season long. Does he know that he has absolutely no credibility? Losing 7-0 and he can find a way to phallate even the worst Thrasher. I realize he has to get on a plane with these guys, but to rip fans for giving their opinion instead of ever assigning any type of blame to any Thrasher for anything has gotten old. While others are calling for the ouster of coach Hartley, I’d like to see Eliot removed from the post game call in show.


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