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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Live from New York…
It’s Sockey Tonight Live!

I’m back on the bandwagon with all the faith in the world in this team. They are going to…
SHIT! Rangers score!

Wow, this is going to be a fun night! Giving up a goal early should have lead to a fight. Now the Thrashers are making Michael Niedermayer look like a superstar! Seems to me that the Hossa line is still sleep walking through this series as they have been on the ice or both goals so far.

Giving up this third one should get Kari pulled. Where are the forwards???? Kozlov on the second goal and I am not sure if I should blame Ilya for that one or Sutton for taking a shit in the crease!

Hey look, Walt is on the ice. That is the first time I noticed him since I saw him changing in the dressing room.

3-0 and I have to take a crap. Hope I don't miss anything...


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