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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Back on the ice after the break, and things have started off a bit more evenly for the mess from Atlanta. I take that back, Andy Sutton is leaving Nylander all alone.. OWW Headburg stops it and holds on. I am counting down the minutes until he is no longer a Thrasher. When he isn’t screening the goalie or giving opposing forwards room to move, he’s skating to the bench.

The energy line gets a few more chances with Dupis and Holik, but cannot get one past Lundquist. The bounces are still not going their way and at some point, every team needs a lucky bounce.

While he 3rd line impresses, the Hossa, Kozlov, Bandage line continues to underwhelm everyone. I am most shocked by Kozlov who could have solidified a great contract with even a decent showing in the playoffs. Instead he is handing money back to GM Don Waddle with every passing period. Lets see what happens on this power play!!

I think the Booger Blogger is sleeping over there. He and Kinkade were out late last night. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


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