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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We're winning! Wait no.

HAHAHA!! That was short lived!

Thrasher special teams continue to depress! The Rangers have been doing that same set u this entire series and now the fans here are back into the game. Don’t let the official Blueball Blogger fool you, he did not see the Thrasher goal until they showed the replay. He’s had a finger up his nose all night, and was playing with a booger when the Thrashers scored. As soon as Slater took what was a weak penalty (even during the regular season) I said, it’ll be tied within a minute. As usual I was right.

The Rangers have their jump back and these fans are going bonkers. I can’t imagine how loud it will be in here during the Conference Finals. Meanwhile the Thrashers have their best penalty killing unit on the ice, unfortunately, it’s their #1 PP unit! The Rags are back at full strength and setting the pace. The TV timeout can’t come fast enough for this team. Lundquist looks shaky tonight, but can the T-birds take advantage of it? They need to put as many shots on goal as possible, but they can’t even control the puck in their end long enough to et up the offense.

Speaking of controlling the puck in somebody’s end, John Kincade is wearing that _______ blue jacket again tonight. I want to fill that blank with something referencing his sexuality, but no sensible nelly queen would be caught dead in that thing. Interesting stat of the night: He seems to be without his beard tonight.


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