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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The 100 Days Of No Hockey

Hello hockey fans! It is I, JK! Just like Marial Hossa and Slaba Kozlov I was pretty quiet during the playoffs. I hope you all missed me as much as I have missed you! Just like that nerd in elementary school, I cannot wait for summer to end! I have spent the off season working on my tan here in Kanye West, FL, but I am already looking forward to getting back to Atlanta for hockey season and for PodCast season!

While I am away, there are plenty of things going on to help you fight off hockey withdrawal. Posters over at the Nasty Nest have formed a their own hockey team and are playing in the Atlanta Amateur Hockey League. Many of the regulars over at the Smirkin Chicken also play in several of the AAHL's leagues. Why aren't YOU playing? There are several opportunities from advanced to recreational leagues to learn to skate classes and skills classes, including one bearing the name of my uni-browed puppet master:

For the decidedly bored, the draft is only a week away! Are you going to make the trek to the thriving metropolis of Columbus, OH to see it live and in person? If not, you will be delighted to know that the Thrashers are having a ostentatious party on Friday June 22nd to celebrate the fact that they do not have a first round pick! The shindig will be conveniently held at Jillians in Lawrenceville at the intersection of Lame & Contrived.

Speaking of lame, since the Thrasher third jersey was introduced, there have been a lot of comments both positive and negative. Hockey Rants takes a couple of shots at the True Blue threads. Well, you know that if there is an expert on laundry in this city, it is me. I am not being paid to say this; I simply love them! When it was announced that the team would be getting a third jersey, I feared it would be something hideous like the BlueJacket's bug, or the Calgary's flaming donkey (sounds like a great name for a bar). Everything from the Atlanta down the sleeve to the webbing under the arms screams FABULOUS! You know you are on to something when your ideas are stolen by others (kinda like my PodCasts).

Even though I have been resting quite a bit, I have also been coming up with all kinds of new ideas for the Blueland Bogger to steal (if he still has a job come October). If you have checked the official website and check out the staff listings, you will notice some names missing this summer. There have been shake-ups galore at Atlanta Spirit, LLC that may explain why I have not been able to get in touch with my source in the Thrashers Media Relations Department but I do have some bad news for Atlanta's favorite midget at the Smirkin Chicken. When little Thrasherville is not busy posing for trophy's he spends his time daydreaming about Mary Moran… Not HER!!

I mean, according to "D. Camel" a JK Sockey Thrasher Insider, the recently unemployed Mary Moran:

Sorry Thrasherville, the whole pouty, sultry, mysterious look does nothing for me. 

If you ask me they seem to have missed somebody. As I have suspected all along, there is a turncoat in Blueland! Stay tuned for my investigative report…

Until then, stuff a sock in it!



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