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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sockey On Hockey Episode 8

Hello again faithful Sockey On Hockey followers, I’ve uploaded an off season podcast before leaving for lovely Nashville, TN where a few loyal Predophile fans are trying to rescue their failing franchise. There was a small gathering of fans at their arena this weekend and I was lucky enough to get a phone call from their leader. He’s a nutwad.

There is a bit of other news in this update as well. First of all both Harry Pohl AND Turner Brown are working the boards this episode in an effort to make the Sockey On Hockey team at the start of the season. We will see if they are able to work together with out killing each other or ruining my show. Do they give Marconi’s for podcasts?

The first of two big announcements in this podcast is the addition of a new sponsor. The Ice House has signed a 3 podcast deal and will provide commercial advertising starting with podcast number eight today. The owner seems to be a bit high strung, but like the Heatley for Hossa trade I think this will be a deal that pays dividends to all parties involved. The management of The Ice House has assured me that the commercials will be seamlessly integrated into the podcast, and it is very likely that today’s will hardly be noticed.

The second big announcement is specifically for you! With all of the changes that are being made to the Thrasher line-up for the new season, Sockey On Hockey is making a few changes as well. It’s the JK Sockey Theme Song Contest! For the past year, we have been using the Selmanaires as the opening theme song for all of our podcasts, and they have finally been discovered! As you can see on their official website, they will be starting the U.S. leg of their world tour later in the summer. Since they will be unable to come in and play the theme song for the podcasts, they will need to be replaced. So JK Sockey is ready to make you famous! We are asking any and every listener to write, record, and give us a theme song! All we ask is that you make it hockey related, mention JK Sockey or Sockey On Hockey, and keep it at about sixty to ninety seconds. Play your own music, or try some karaoke. It can’t be any worse than the Hockey Shuffle that Turner played last year...



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  • At 9:57 PM, Blogger LonelyToes said…

    Oh Mr. Sockey, how can I enter your theme song contest? I think you are the bestest ever!

  • At 6:00 PM, Blogger J.K. Sockey said…

    First of all, I am the best ever. Second of all, I AM the best ever.
    Third, all you do is record a 60-90 diddy and either upload it where I can get to it, or try mailing it to me. Then cross your fingers and hope you win.
    I like your feet. Please post more pictures of them.


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