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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's that smell?

Check the time of this post, there are 5min left, and I smell a GOAL! Wait for it!

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Booger Blogger is about to strangle himself. Get over to the site to see him before he is gone. I’ll have his job by the middle of the summer. This is great! Enjoy this last period of the year Thrasher fans. Look forward to hanging the banner next fall and to seeing a revamped team on the ice. With Hartley gone, I assume we will see a few more youngsters getting looks in camp and having legitimate shots to make the team. Should be an exciting year.

Falling apart.

I have not seen these Thrashers in several weeks. Blowing leads, playing to the other team’s strengths, defensive meltdowns, followed by the other team getting an easy goal and stealing momentum going into the final period. I assume they’ll be a step slower these last 20minutes and hopfully the misery will end within the first hal f the period so I can get out of this crappy building and back to the hotel.


One minute into the PP before we get a shot through to the goalie. Then the Rangers get all out of wack and the T-birds are able to score. I think you have to credit Hossa for that one, he really fought the puck up the ice. They are going to get it back, Sutton is out there. Wait, he doesn’t do anything wrong, it must be a bad call?


Back on the ice after the break, and things have started off a bit more evenly for the mess from Atlanta. I take that back, Andy Sutton is leaving Nylander all alone.. OWW Headburg stops it and holds on. I am counting down the minutes until he is no longer a Thrasher. When he isn’t screening the goalie or giving opposing forwards room to move, he’s skating to the bench.

The energy line gets a few more chances with Dupis and Holik, but cannot get one past Lundquist. The bounces are still not going their way and at some point, every team needs a lucky bounce.

While he 3rd line impresses, the Hossa, Kozlov, Bandage line continues to underwhelm everyone. I am most shocked by Kozlov who could have solidified a great contract with even a decent showing in the playoffs. Instead he is handing money back to GM Don Waddle with every passing period. Lets see what happens on this power play!!

I think the Booger Blogger is sleeping over there. He and Kinkade were out late last night. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


Thrashers falling down all over the place. Sim goes down and almost gives up a chance; Mel goes down, defensemen falling. The Booger Blogger is going to talk about the Thrashers’ never give up attitude, and blame the ice, but why aren’t the Rangers falling down? Want a bit of fun, as this game gets out of hand, go visit the official website and watch his optimism disappear as the night goes on.

So, we go into the first intermission tied at one. Lundquist settled down late in the period and our defense picked up their shakiness and I am seeing visions of their pathetic game three effort rearing it’s ugly head. Speaking of rearing and head, how about that pompous ass Derick Eliot? I have listened to his TV commentary and his insight on the post game show -- following Thrasher home games on AM680 The Fan—all season long. Does he know that he has absolutely no credibility? Losing 7-0 and he can find a way to phallate even the worst Thrasher. I realize he has to get on a plane with these guys, but to rip fans for giving their opinion instead of ever assigning any type of blame to any Thrasher for anything has gotten old. While others are calling for the ouster of coach Hartley, I’d like to see Eliot removed from the post game call in show.

We're winning! Wait no.

HAHAHA!! That was short lived!

Thrasher special teams continue to depress! The Rangers have been doing that same set u this entire series and now the fans here are back into the game. Don’t let the official Blueball Blogger fool you, he did not see the Thrasher goal until they showed the replay. He’s had a finger up his nose all night, and was playing with a booger when the Thrashers scored. As soon as Slater took what was a weak penalty (even during the regular season) I said, it’ll be tied within a minute. As usual I was right.

The Rangers have their jump back and these fans are going bonkers. I can’t imagine how loud it will be in here during the Conference Finals. Meanwhile the Thrashers have their best penalty killing unit on the ice, unfortunately, it’s their #1 PP unit! The Rags are back at full strength and setting the pace. The TV timeout can’t come fast enough for this team. Lundquist looks shaky tonight, but can the T-birds take advantage of it? They need to put as many shots on goal as possible, but they can’t even control the puck in their end long enough to et up the offense.

Speaking of controlling the puck in somebody’s end, John Kincade is wearing that _______ blue jacket again tonight. I want to fill that blank with something referencing his sexuality, but no sensible nelly queen would be caught dead in that thing. Interesting stat of the night: He seems to be without his beard tonight.


Let’s get this party started! Four in a row begins tonight here in MSG. While we wait for the game to start--and hopefully they won’t score 30 seconds in--I wanted to break a bit of news regarding the Thrashers goaltending issues that have arisen recently. As all of the Thrasher fans know, coach pulled Kari Letsomein after giving up a soft goal in game one. Mitch Hedburg was in net for game two and did a decent job of keeping the Thrashers in the game. Some not as reliable sources were saying that Mooch was pegged to start last KNIGHTS game as well, but Tuesday morning it was announced that the Finnish Sieve would be back in net. My sources tell me that Hartley had decided on Hedburg, but following comments from Thrasher GM Don Waddle in Tuesday’s AJC that Kari was “the future”, Don Waddle himself made the decision on Kari playing game 3. Seeing his career in Atlanta in a death spiral, Bob Hartley begrudgingly went with Letsomein and then, as an obvious f.u. to the GM, left Kari in to get hammered 7-0. I feel confident reporting that this has sealed Hartley’s fate in Atlanta, and as soon as this series is over, the Atlanta Thrashers will be looking for a new bench boss.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thrasher Luck

Second intermission and I just saw John Kincade slap Marcel Hossa on the ass. Just when I thought the night could not get any worse. He was basically making out with Colton Orr last intermission.

I am not surprised the Thrashers are losing, but I did not expect them to smell it up this bad. It’s awful quite in that dressing room right now. This is the time when a veteran would usually step up and call players out, but who’s going to do that? Kozlov? Hossa? Smellenby? This team has disappeared.

Hopefully, there will at least be some fighting this period. It’d be nice to see Andy Sutton get one last ass whipping before the season comes to a crashing halt.


Live from New York…
It’s Sockey Tonight Live!

I’m back on the bandwagon with all the faith in the world in this team. They are going to…
SHIT! Rangers score!

Wow, this is going to be a fun night! Giving up a goal early should have lead to a fight. Now the Thrashers are making Michael Niedermayer look like a superstar! Seems to me that the Hossa line is still sleep walking through this series as they have been on the ice or both goals so far.

Giving up this third one should get Kari pulled. Where are the forwards???? Kozlov on the second goal and I am not sure if I should blame Ilya for that one or Sutton for taking a shit in the crease!

Hey look, Walt is on the ice. That is the first time I noticed him since I saw him changing in the dressing room.

3-0 and I have to take a crap. Hope I don't miss anything...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Season Wrap Up

With most of my audio equipmenat having been destroyed in the recent fire at my office, I have not been able to update you with any wonderful podcasts.   For some of my insight into the Thrasher playoff debacle you can check out SOUTHEAST SHOOTOUT.  I have made (and uploaded) several videos to both this site and YouTube (search jksockey) that I think you will enjoy.

I am not sure if these are fans or not.  They smelled like homeless people...


Here is my view from press row.  I sat on Jeff Schultz's lap!


Look, another flamer!  This fire scares the toe-jam out of me...


The Blueball Bloggers trying to come up with a positive way to spin the outcome of Game 1.

Game one player introductions.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

I Tube, You Tube!

Please check out my entry into the Thrashers' "Unleash The Fury" YouTube contest!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Alanis Morissette

She's Canadian...