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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am watching the Pens beat the Thrashers tonight

I was going to post answers to my Male Bag, but all I got were 200 messages from Mona flodding my inbox.

The AJC’s hockey writer Mark Knoble is stealing my spotlight. He’s taken over the position of polluting the internets with meaningless hockey talk. This guy couldn’t cover the GA Tech football team, and he hasn’t improved much with the move to hockey. His last several stories have consisted of Byron Little getting an apartment, Kovy not willing to be a leader, and Jasons William playing music in the locker room. If these are the stories making the paper, I wonder what ideas he ISN’T using….

Speaking of Byron Little, why come we have him playing winger? I think he was a center and haven’t the Thrashers been somewhat weak in that position lately? And by lately I mean the last 9 years. This team has yet to draft and develop a skilled center.

I saw Eric Christiansen today. He was on the side of Harry’s milk carton. Apparently he has been missing since being traded to the Thrashers last season. How long does a slump have to be before you just consider the player untalented? How many chances does this guy get when the team has players like Brent Stirling who is a top AHLer and seems to get a fair shake?


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