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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Pohl's Announcer Demo/JK Sockey in Court

I have to keep this short.  I am getting a job.  I need $450 and fast.  I will have to work on MY announcer demo.

Here is Harry Pohl's Announcer Demo and Gordon Lightfoot Hat-Trick defending me in court against the Blueland Booger.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Then Steve Creig, Now Turner Brown.

Hello fan,
I am not sure if you have heard that the Thrashers have lost PA announcer Steve Craig to the NY Islanders. Members of the Sockey On Hockey staff have been submitting thier own audition demos to the team.
Click on that link to hear our own Turner Brown.
Be careful he swears a lots.

Feel free to let us know what you think.
Don't be a Kincade, sign your comments!

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Define "big splash".

Don Waddle promised to make a big splash in free agency this off-season. Well at teh end of day two of the UFA signing period, we have Ron Hainsey!



Ben at the Booland Blog had this to say about Atlanta’s big (and ONLY) free agent signing:
"Hainsey had 8 goals last year and 9 the year before. Our franchise record for goals in a season by a defenseman is 10. With Hainsey going from the defensively tight West to the more free-flowing East he could break that mark if he continues to play as well as he did in Columbus. Hainsey played on Columbus' top pair and averaged 22:33 of ice-time per game in 2007-08.

It's way too early to start predicting lineups, but if John Anderson wants to keep Enstrom and Havelid together next season I could see Bogosian and Hainsey being a quality 1B pairing.

What do you think?"

I think you are a dickbag. Do you even watch hockey or are you too busy chatting online with Chad Denny? He’s moving from the “defensively tight West to the more free-flowing East”? You may want to turn a few tricks and invest in Center Ice.
This signing really shows what a sad state the team is in. The Thrashers have to pay$4.5 million to get a second rate player to leave the BlueJackets. Am I really supposed to believe that he was even on the team’s radar before noon today? Meanwhile the Penguins re-sign Brooks Orpik for 6 years at $3.75 per year. Nobody in Atlanta wants either of these guys, but who would you rather have?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Free Agent Extravaganza!

Live Blogcast (in HD). Tune in now!