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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Make It Five!

Recently Jim "Bullet-Head" Balsillie (pronounced: bahls-SILLY) attempted to move the Phoenix Coyotes to Canada. The trillionaire blackberry farmer had planned to purchase the most successful NHL team in Arizona history and move it to Hamilton, a suburb of Buffalo. In grand marketing fashion Ballsilly even came up with a catchy slogan for his grand scheme of cashing in on the weak exchange rate, "Make It Seven" (MI7). No, this does not refer to how many trillions he has in the bank, but to bringing a seventh team to the salmon rich American colony to the north. The MI7 campaign was appealing to all of the providences of Canada! I mean, Canada is basically the birthplace of the sport (and by ‘birthplace’ I mean brought over from Scotland in the form of shinty)!

"Make It Seven"-day took place on June 19th in Hamilton. Unfortunately, Ballsilly could not make it to the rally that he organized, and apparently neither could 300 people. It doesn’t take a zillionaire to produce such a lack of success, I have decided I can match it! The MI7 rally has spurred me on to doing what I do best, steal and idea and make it better! Over the next several weeks I will be kicking off the online campaign on my blog as well as contacting NHL Commissar Gary Bentman regarding a renewed push to grow the sport (in the country that financially supports the league) by relocating one of the Canadian teams to a deserving city here in the United States!


Next week: Why the Leafs should be moved to Birmingham, Alabama!

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