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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Kari Mia why -- must we say goodbye?

As I first mentioned in my post scooping the Ilya Kovalchuck trade to NJ last week, Sockey On Hockey staff member Harry Pohl is reporting that Thrashers oft-injured and drunk goaltender Kari Lethemin (pictured above - sober but sucking) is set to be traded to the Dallas Stars.
In return, the Thrashers are looking to get a 3rd or 4th round draft pick in this summer's NHL draft, as well as a low cost puck moving defenseman like Ivan Vishnovsky from the Stars.

In the next few days, when Bruce Garish at the Ottawa Sun, that fat bag of fat Blob McKenzie at TSN, or others in the Canadien media start to report this as a breaking story, you can tell them you already read about it here. Then tell them...

Stuff a sock in it!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kovy Deal In The Works.

As we get closer to the trade deadline, people are all abuzz with talks of the pending Ilya Kornvalchuk trade. TSN’s list of potential landing spots include Calgary, Boston, Chicago, or NY Rangers. Spector says it’s the Caps who are most interested in Kovy. Eklund has every team currently 4th in their conference or within 8 points of a playoff spot listed as an E4. The Falconer is claiming his sources are telling him it’s the Kings. John Kincade in his typical fashion is claiming he knows… but can’t tell us who (As you can see, he also read my Twit about the pending trade of Kari Lehtonen to Dallas -- though I'm not sure what hat he pulled the name Fabian Brunnstrom out of...). Well I am the source for hockey in Atlanta, and I am telling you who!

Within a matter of days, if not hours Ilya Kovalchuk will be playing for the New Jersey Devils! MY sources --the most reliable in the freaking solar systems-- have told me that Thrashers GM Dan Waddell has spent the last two days speaking directly to Devils GM Lou Lamoriello (pictured left) and Devils Team President Lou Lamoriello (also pictured left) regarding a trade that will send Annsi Salmonella to NJ with winger Ilya Kovalchunk in return the Thrashers will get Johnny Oduya and Nicholas Boogers. I have also been told that the only hold up is that negotiations continue as Waddle hopes to aquire NJ’s 2010 1st round pick AND troubled prospect Patrice Cormier -- who was suspended from the QMJHL after Quebec Remparts defenseman Mikael Tam ran into him and knocked himself unconscionable.

I don’t sprechen sie Deutsch, but it appears Tam is laying on the ice laughing about the penalty he drew on Comrie.
I don't even know why you trust anyone else for the inside info on the Atlanta Thrashers. Follow me and tell the rest of those media hacks...

Stuff a Sock in it!