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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Thrashers Eliminated From Stanley Cup Playoffs Players Face Possible Suspension

Ilya Kovalchuck returned to Atlanta last night and helped snuff out the Thrashers Stanley Cup playoff hopes again, just like he did year in and year out when he played for the Thrashers. Cannot completely blame Kovycunk this year though as the Trashers have lost 6 of their last eight games.

Ilya led all Devil left wingers with 21:09 of ice time and finished with no goals no assists and no shots in New Jersey’s 3-0 win at The Omni. The Thrashsers offense put the “odor” in Martin Breuodor last night, stinking up the ice with only 19 shots. Ron Henley lead all Thrashers with 4 weak wrested shots on goal.

Sockey On Hockey staff is also following up on if the league will hand out any discipline to Thrasher forwards Maxim Afinagonagov and Nic Andropov (both pictured) for their efforts. The two each logged 16:40 in ice time tallied a total of 4 shots and were a combined -6. No word on any Zamboni damage as a result of the giant stinking turds those two left on the ice during every shift they played.

Sockey On Hockey will update you if and when Colon Campbell stops laughing at the Matt Cooke hit on Mark Savard long enough to review the incidents last night. Until then...

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