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Thursday, June 24, 2010


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The Thrashers made an interesting decision at the end of the season to fire head coach, John Anderson. Anderson had stepped in at a very difficult time, taking over a team owned by a group of people uninterested in building a winner. Anderson lead the Thrashers back to back 35 win seasons using players that he was required to make fit his system.

So the Thrashers decided to make a change. It’s certainly not unreasonable to let go a successful coach, in any sport, if you feel the product could or should be better. There are many examples in all sports college and pro, where a winning coach was fired but the next one led the program to much greater successes… Then there’s the Thrashers.

After a detailed thoughtful process, GM Rick Dudley replaced Anderson with former Los Angels Lakers forward Craig Rambis?
After retiring from his NBA career, Rambis became an assistant coach for the Lakers until being announced as the new head coach for the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2009 where in they finished with the 29th worst record in the league.

This decision makes NO sense at all!!

In summary: Anderson, 70-75-19 out; Rambis, 48-110 in.

Stuff a sock in it!