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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teams showing interest in "Fragile Freddy" Modin?

Sockey On Hockey producer Harry Pohl has spoken to a member of the Atlanta Thrashers' staff who mentioned that there are 'several' Western Conference teams interested in Fredrik Motrin; who has spent most of the season suffering from a variety of injuries.
Though no specifics were discussed, the Kings, Flames, and Canucks could all be potential trade deadline suitors.

The off-season signing of Modin is possibly the low point of the Rick Dudley era. The Thrashers should be happy to get rid of a guy who kept the training staff busy for most of the season.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sopel Traded (Bergfors next?)

As we reported last week, the Thrashers dealt disgruntled Brett Sopel along with Nigel Dawes to the Montreal Canadiens. The unfortunate thing is that they really got nothing back in return which the Sockey On Hockey staff has taken as surrendering any chance of making the playoffs. The Thrashers are still in need of scoring punch if they are going to try a playoff push, but did not address that with today's trade.

Sockey On Hockey sources are saying that Nic Bergfors -who has spent most of the season in coach Kurt Rambis' doghouse - may be the next to go.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's NOT Bogosian Wanting Out...'s Brett Sopel. Sockey On Hockey always has it's ear to the wall for the latest news and rumours. While many mainstream outlets are claiming that Eric Bogosian has made a request to be traded, our sources are telling us that it's Brett Sopel (who never bothered to relocate to Atlanta) that has went to management to request he be traded to a bonafide playoff contender.

With the Thrashers struggling, lets hope they use the slow-footed shot blocking stoner to add a bit of scoring punch to the line-up.